Friday, August 15, 2014

One Year Cake Smash Session

  Ohhh this sweet sweet sweet lil face!!  This gorgeous girl has dimples for days, and it took all I had not to pinch those cheeks raw ;-)  Miss Z got the honor of being my first cake smash ever...if you could call it that.  She definitely tasted the cake, but there was no smashing, lol!!  What an angel!
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sweet Baby M

I LOVE newborn sessions, and when I saw this gorgeous girl I knew I had to be the one to do her newborn photos!  She is so seriously stunning, and so sweet she made this shoot a breeze! 






Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Heart Faces “Smile” Photo Challenge!

When I saw the challenge at I Heart Faces this month, this is the first photo that came to mind.  This is the reason I love to photograph kiddos, it’s always a blast and the end result always; genuine emotions….


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring Photography Specials Coming Soon!

Forty Valentine party bags; filled, bagged, and tagged for my daughters V-Day party! The holidays have been crazy and my availability minimal. I will be opening the books back up in time for spring!! Keep an eye out for some amazing specials!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

SOOC Sunday #1

A new photo editing challenge, and this week it’s of my sweet sweet lil baby girl!!  I’ve been working on all hand edits lately and to stop relying on actions so much.  So here we go!!

I’ll be using PSE8 for this edit.  First I cloned out the crazy looking branch on the left side of the photo.  Next I opened a levels adjustment layer, and pulled the left slider in quite a bit to darken the image.  I then used a soft black brush at 50% opacity to paint the effect off of the skin, and just the edge of the mountain where it hits the sky (that way the edge doesn’t look quite so harsh).  I created a second levels adjustment layer and pulled in that right slider which brightens the photo.  Select the layer and press  ctrl i which removes the effect and adds a black mask to the layer.  I then used a soft white brush at 50% to paint in highlights on the cheeks, chin, and forehead and again right at the edge of the mountain.  I created yet another levels adjustment layer, in the drop down menu change from RGB to Green, and pull in that left slider which brings out all the magenta tones in the photo.  Next I created a duplicate layer and ran Gaussian blur.  For my next step I had to use an action, but it’s only because I can’t create a layer mask with pse8 (one of the downfalls, easily remedied with a free action found HERE called “add a mask”.  And so…I added a mask to my duplicate layer.  Pressed ctrl i to remove the effect from the image, and used a soft white brush at 100% opacity to paint in the effect on the mountain and at bottom of the image.  I then reduce the layer to 75%.  I reduce the brush opacity to 25% and paint over the skin to soften just a little.  I added a solid color layer, selected brown, then used a soft black brush to remove from the center of the image, creating a brown vignette and I reduced the layers opacity to just 7% making it very subtle.  Lastly I used my sharpen tool at 50% and sharpen just around the edge of the girl, her eyelashes, lips, and the flowers on her headband.  I resize the image to 960px as that seems to be the very best for Facebook,  And this is my final image!  Whatcha think??  Feedback and CC is always welcome!!


Here is a side by side Smile


Monday, November 25, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ten reason to get those family photos…

  Ok, maybe not ten….I could definitely come up with ten and then some!  The best reason I’ve found to date is “it’s about time”.  I am guilty myself of putting off the family photos in place of (insert excuse upon excuse here).  I also know the joy though, of the photo shoot itself, as well as the excitement and emotion when you finally see the finished product. Which is then one upped by your prints or canvas’ arrival, because seeing your photos online just cannot compare to the actual print.  Last week was my “it’s about time” and I’m super excited we finally put our excuses aside because I am madly in love with this fall’s photos!  I cannot wait to get prints on the wall!